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I wanted to just say a big THANK YOU for a fantastic day out with you, the two Hawks, the ferrets and your lovely dog. You are a great team and amazing to watch.
This was a 30th birthday present to my son Richard and it is a day that we will never forget.
Thanks again,

David and Richard.
Dear Bob,
Thank you for a wonderful experience.We both thoroughly enjoyed the day and your company.From the outset we were made to feel very welcome,you have a very relaxed teaching style which inspired confidence in handling the Hawks and Ferrets. You have created a very warming environment for your clients which is enhanced by your extensive knowledge and passion for the welfare of these wonderful birds. The relaxed start over a cup of tea, the wonderful pub lunch and tea and cakes at the end of the day all added to our enjoyment of the day.
Thanks again, we hope to join you again in the Summer
Being a student coming to Warrickshire from Switzerland to attend a Lantra Course in October this year, I had the good fortune to stay at my mentor Bob's home. This gave me the opportunity to dive deep into the falconers world. Bob introduced me thouroughly into different aspects of training and he supported and encouraged me to establish my own personal bond with the birds and get to know the facets of this ancient art.
He was competent, serious and kind. I can openheartedly recommend a stay at Furzen Hill Cottage, be it for a Lantra Course or a day out hunting with the birds, the dog and the ferrets. To finally be able to spend some time in the presence of the birds under competent guidance was deeply touching.
I contacted Bob Edwards at Falconry-days.co.uk who provides a course that covers the Lantra Awards syllabus and than carries out the assessment that will hopefully achieve the award.
Bob invited me to his home today to meet and discuss the programme.
I have spent an absolute magical morning with Bob and a course student, Hannah, a vetinarian student from Liverpool University going through the course stages that today involved, handling, weighing, feeding 3 Falcons and a young male Harris Hawk that was used to show the use of the creance.
Marvellous morning Bob thank you very much, very nice guy.
I will now be signing up for the course with Bob, can't wait. Reading this hopefully will give other newcomers a hope and some ideas and perhaps consider the IFF as your first mentor?
I will keep you all informed as to my progress (and failures) in the near future.
Well, I have now signed up to start my course on the 12th May with Bob Edwards at Falconry-Days with the assessment to follow.

I have read other falconers comments such as " is Lantra worth it? " well if you CAN afford it then in my opinion it is worth it. Why, because I started with a mentor, Bob, yesterday. I am his work experience volunteer now ( I am fortunate in that I am retired and have the time) but nevertheless I feel I am getting tremendous support from a person WILLING to help others enthusiastic in falconry. The working relationship will continue until I get my first bird in possibly July  and hopefully thereafter. My progress (I feel) in 2 days has been unbelievable, you can read all the books, as I have, see all the DVDs as I have, but it does not beat going on your first follow on through a wooded area for 1 and half hours with a male Harris Hawk following you, unbelievable. I am sure all you experienced guys may say "so what" but I will never say "so what", even if I live to be 100 as I will always remember my first day in charge of a hawk. Yes I do feel quite emotional about today's experience, but so what. Sorry if I am boring people, but that's falconry for me, I'm hooked. Bring it on.
I met Bob last year after trying out a couple of falconry "experiences" with other people. The others were informative enough but offered no half-way between "introduction" and full-on "sign up to learn how to build an aviary and then buy a bird". With Bob I have had plenty of hands on and individual tuition while I balance the many other demands on my time. Bob's birds are absolutely superb examples, all maintained at peak flying condition (subject to seasonal variation of course - see, I have done some of my homework!). They all have great personalities and provide wonderful, entertaining days out in the countryside. Interacting with a full blooded peregrine falcon , who's personality is so gentle he is comfortable sitting on my wrist without being hooded has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Hi Bob,
A big thank you for making me so welcome and at home on my day out with you and your lovely dog, falcons and hawks. It was a brilliant, magical day and could not have been bettered and one I will remember forever. Thank you